Cheap Game Boy Advance

hi. My daughter has decided she wants a Game boy Advance for her birthday.........which is the cheapest place to get one from. Any help would be appreciated.


Would be better posting this in 'deal requests' as you are more likely to get help

I dont know of where would be the cheapest, sorry, I would suggest getting a Game Boy Advanced SP though because the screen is a lot better, we have one of each and can hardly even play with the original game boy advanced because the light on the screen is awful

GBAs can be picked up cheap 2nd hand - try gamestation or cash converters. Shouldnt be much over 10-15 depening on condition.
Sp is nice but double price.. or go the whole way and get a DS (or go halfway and get a micro for a happy medium).

Game boy games will play on a gba. but not on a micro!
Looked in gamestation at the weekend as my son wanted a spongebob game he's seen for £9.99 in dixons or comet digital or whatever it is called now and the 2nd hand games in gamestation were about £8.99. after chatting a bit about which games would be good for him - he's 8 and saying that he wanted a sponge bob game they found one - priced at £8.99 with rugrats game on it too. Manager said we could have it for £5. I then asked if we could have sonic - also priced at £8.99 for £5. To my surprise he said yes. It pays to be cheeky!. I was happy so was my son - there must be good profits on 2nd hand games or low turnover. I thought their 2nd hand GBAs were a bit expensive. Got my sons from ebay.
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