Cheap Gaming PC under £500

Found 19th Feb
Any recommendations for a cheap gaming PC for under £500? Its a minefield. So many choices and specs. Nothing too fancy something that will comfortably run 2 or 3 year old games. Thanks
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Build your own, you’ll get much more for your money. Use to help you with part compatibility
Build your own. For This budget I would recommend something along these lines:…kvV
Bear in mind it won't include a monitor.
for an extra 50£ you could easily get even better parts.

This list includes the prices at the moment on the stores included at PC Part picker but when i built mine in November I saved about £300 in total by browsing around and following prices for a month or so. Bough a PS4 pro for that money hehe:))

If you got a friend who can build it for you(if you don't know how or are not too confident) it is definitely the way to go.
Did you manage to get a pc ?
My son is after one and I only want to spend around £500 too.
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