Cheap Gatwick airport parking?

Found 5th Apr 2008
Hi Hotdealers, Can any1 find cheap parking at Gatwick airport for mE?
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No Wooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo
I booked through this for the day on Weds when i went to Dublin & it cost £7.70 for the day but they do better deals for longer stays
Thanx, n e more let me know!V
ncp is £8 ish a day booked in advance.
when i was there, i did notice something called summer special parking, i think it was 50% of the price of NCP (it was definately a cheaper car park).
Also, park at the cheapest place and if you are flying out of another terminal, you can take the interconnecting monorail. (just add another 10 mins to your journey).
hope that helps.
I have tried quite a few , APH , BCP on site at airport etc. The best for me was Cophall Farm Parking off site.
Reason being unlike other airports their transfer to terminal runs on demand so if you turn up then they take to terminal straight away. Whilst most of other only operate a courteousy coach every 15 / 20 mins so always involves waiting around. Book direct at cophallfarmparking.co.uk
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