Cheap graphics card wanted

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Found 12th Feb 2009
The onboard graphics on my PC are failing and crashing almost every hour so need to get a card to put in it, I don't play games (except for solitair) so need a cheap but still faily decent card.

Any ideas....I have no idea what's good and what isn't



I have some used Graphics cards (PCI & AGP Dual head) do these sound of interest ?

What type of computer have you got? Do you know what type of graphics card will fit in the motherboard (ie PCI, AGP, PCI-e)

might be an idea to confirm the issue of crashing, bit of a waste to buy a gfx card and find out it isn't a gfx related fault plus some boards with igp can't boot if they fail..

I've got a spare ATI X1800 All In Wonder card kicking around, if you fancy taking it off my hands. It's PCI-E interface and it'll require a decent PSU (although, I've also got a spare 500w PSU if you fancy taking that off my hands too). £25 for the card and an extra £12 for the PSU?
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