Found 19th Nov 2007
Hey there.

I have just bought an XBOX 360 Elite for my son for his birthday/ christmas pressie.
I was also going to buy him a cheap HD TV and was wondering what I should get him.

I would prefer to get him something cheap, but I would like it to be a good TV.

Any ideas?


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what is cheap ^^?

That is one lucky son!!!


That is one lucky son!!!

wanna addopt :santa: ?

Hard to find at the moment, 99% are poo. I think they are selling off all the old garbage with no freeview, poorer warranty than with monitors etc. Need one for my son, again being a nasty horrid person and someone who has spent my money on other things for them I dont want to pay much. After all its only a monitor with a tuner rofl. 22 LG for £200-220 has no hdmi and whilst upscalling is a nonsense the picture is better via hdmi plus no freeview. Hannspree is rubbish, the back light is shocking when watching in darkness and they changed the warranty after selling loads bless them, now they repair any ole trash then make you wait a month and then send you out a refurb for your new TV…138

The best deal for a cheapy was the argos one £199. But at the moment samsung seem to be the only ones offering something reasonable. That said there will be a flurry of monitors with hdmi in soon, some are on the scene now, you can then hook up a £30-40 freeview box with hdmi out, and hook up the xbox via vga or dvi. Happy hunting I'm in the same boat. Prices are defo over inflated at the moment for rubbish.
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