Cheap HDMI Cable

Found 4th Aug 2017
Just moved from Germany to the UK (and from to but forgot to pack a bunch of HDMI cables. According to this thread there are cables for one quid out there, I just couldn't find them so far.

Bare in mind, I don't have Amazon Prime UK (only Prime Germany which doesn't seem to be applicable here).

- Hdmi (any)
- between 1 - 3 m

Thanks for your help
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Have you try the usual pound shops?
I have not. Turns out that there's a Poundland nearby which should have 1m cables.

Poundland or B&M Bargains normally good if you want some cheap HDMI cables

Job done
Don't go to PC World where they will still try and sell you an HDMI cable for £75 and try to convince you that their gold plated ones are far superior to anything else ever produced ever on earth! They aren't!
Can't you get a few for free off friends out there ? I'm always binning the cheap and nasty freebie cables you get.
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