Cheap hiking/light walk clothing and shoes

Hi everyone,

I am completely a newbie in this department so any help would be appreciated. In particular i am looking for appropriate clothing as in trousers and tops and ofcourse walking boots.

I have searched various sports shops online and it seems very, very pricy to me. e.g. cheapest waterproof trouser i could find was upwards of 60 pounds. Thats kinda lot!!

So i, basically, am looking for cheapest possible clothing and boots to get on with this new found hobby.

Thank you for reading this.

PS. If Anyone here got "gooutdoors" discount card. I would like to talk to you so pm me.


Card is only 4 quid a year to join,
Should go into a go outdoors shop, staff are very knowledgeable in the one near me :thumbsup:

One of the best things you can do is make sure you get decent boots that fit you well. If you need to spend extra money on anything its the boots. If you're new to hiking/mountain walking I highly recommend going into a good shop and getting advice on boots and try some on before buying.

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I was wondering do i really need waaterproof trousers? do i need base layer? i probably will be going for a walk in yorkshire region, around 5 mile stretch. I dont know how warm do i need to be. but i have been told that jeans is NOT a good idea especially if it starts raining. So i was looking for other than jeans and dont wanna spend fortune on it. Also, wats the deal with overtrouser. How do u wear them.
Sorry if i sound such an ignorant fool but i honestly dont know what to expect on m walk.

Thanks guys. your help much appreciated

The main difference between the expensive and cheap clothing is the fact the expensive stuff will allow your body to breath and will help your sweat to wick away and move through your clothing away from your skin.

With cheap none breathable clothing you'll have a sweat moisture build up especially noticeable on your back when you stop walking for a bit as it tries to evaporate and will cool you down a llittle.

However, it's no big deal at all . Just buy cheap waterproofs and wear what you feel like underneath to keep you warm. I did this for years and years without any problem at all.

Craghopper trousers are popular for trekking, the main advantage over jeans is that they aren't as thick and so will dry much quicker if they get wet.


Footwear is very much dependent on the terrain you'll be walking on.

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thanx evryone. im learning so much here.

I very much would like to buy these shoes as they look pretty handy for walking. What do you think. Are they any good?

I definately agree with what you've been told about jeans. I normally wear cargo trousers or something like that which I would wear normally.

Denim is a heavy material and takes a long time to dry as well as become incredibly heavy when soaked through.

A pair of light waterproofs can be cheap to pick up, personally I rarely use waterproofs but I always carry a pair incase the weather takes a turn for the worse. Staying dry can make a huge difference, especially to moral!

One thing to bear in mind is as you get higher (especially this time of year) the wind picks up and it will cut straight through you if you haven't got warm clothes.

Those Karimoor boots look 'ok', as I said before I would go into a proper shop, talk to someone and try some on.

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Do you guys think they will be a good pair of trousers. although its for ski purposes but i think it will do the job. please let me know.


and what about these for a midlayer- over tshirt and below the jacket.

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