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Found 24th Jan 2007
Hello all, I thought we should start a thread for great holiday deals all around the world; listing where it was found and the dates of travel.
Does anyone know of any good obscure holiday websites? and it would be great if people could recount what previous holiday deals they have been on and where they got the deal from.
cheers all!

(I thought I had found a steal; a 94 quid holiday to Johannesburg but alas no flights included)

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Great idea! I work in the travel industry, have done for 18 years, so if I can be of any help to anyone please let me know

Great idea! I work in the travel industry, have done for 18 years, so if … Great idea! I work in the travel industry, have done for 18 years, so if I can be of any help to anyone please let me know

An expert in our midst! can you tell me if it is really cheaper to travel mon-wed and are the peak months may - august? Cheers Engadine!
Wouldn't go as far as calling myself an expert! But willing to help where I can!

As for peak months it depends on where you are going in the world, for summer holidays in Europe then the peak months times are when the schools are on holiday, particularly July and August. Most of Europe also tends to be on holiday at this time so another reason that holidays are more expensive during these months. If you are going to Australia/New Zealand peak times tend to be November to January.

It isn't necessarily cheaper to travel Mon-Wed again depends where you are going. If you are travelling in the UK then Mon-Wed are the main corporate days for business travellers so hotels in particular tend to be more expensive than they are at the weekend. Best night for offers in hotels in the UK is a Sunday, all the leisure travellers go home on a Sunday afternoon and the corporate clients don't arrive until Monday evening so hotels are really quiet on Sunday nights
I dont suppose you could help me out with some flights to Las Vegas from 22/23-29th October this year can you please. They need to be direct and no stops, cheapest i found were with virgin, for £433.
No worries will have a look around, couple of things I need to know though please. Which airports can you travel from and for how many people
I could almost cry, just missed the virgin january sale, ended yesterday, prices are now £604.80, up from £433 yesterday.

Anyway, will be 6 people travelling, from preferebly any london airport, or bristol/southampton.

Thanks for your help.
I know you said you were looking for a direct flight but came across this and thought it worth mentioning. There is only 1.5 hours between flights, might be worth considering it is £374 per person.

22 October- London Gatwick 1230 arrive Minneapolis 1525
Minneapolis 1650 arrive Las Vegas 1808

29 October - Las Vegas 1155 arrive Minneapolis 1711
Minneapolis 1900 arrive London Gatwick 0810
This is flying with Northwest Airlines and is on [url]www.airline-network.co.uk[/url]
Best priced direct flight I have found so far is with US Airways, [url]www.justtheflight.com[/url]

£ 445.00 per Adult US Airways
All prices in British Pounds (includes airport taxes & charges) Published Fare (1A)

Departure Destination Date Depart Arrive
London Gatwick Las Vegas 22 Oct 12:30 20:04

Returning Destination Date Depart Arrive
Las Vegas London Gatwick 29 Oct 11:30 07:30

Total Cost £ 2670.00 GBP
[url]www.opodo.co.uk[/url] seem to have the cheapest Virgin flights £463 per person

22 October - London Gatwick 1125 Las Vegas 1340

29 October - Las vegas 1705 London Gatwick 0955

These 3 options are the best I have come up with, the prices vary hugely with some airlines
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