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    [SIZE=2]After the crash of the Thomson misprice - need to find somewhere to go in April - don't have a massive budget £1000 for 3 of us but don't want to do the usual spain or canaries. Hubby not keen on Turkey and I know most of Greece is shut till end of april.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]We've been to Portugal about 8 times in last two years and are a little bored of it - fancy somewhere a bit different - had a look at Egypt but very mixed reports.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Anyone recommend anywhere - my daughter is 11 and my hubby doesn't do lying by the pool all day - me I'm not fussed as long as it's clean, serves good food and I don't have a room full of insects then I'm happy.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]I've had a look on ][/SIZE] and teletext - can anyone recommend any other websites?

    Thanks - rep will be given!


    Have you thought about Cyprus or Tunisia??? If you are going to Egypt go to Sharm el Sheikh and at least a 4 star hotel, wouldn't recommend going for anything less than a 4 star.

    You are quite limited on flights from Glasgow in April as it is still classed as the winter season. If you are willing to fly from Manchester or Gatwick then it will open up a few more options for you.

    Any of the tour operator websites are worth having a look at thomson, first choice and my travel give Direct Holidays and Portland Direct a look as these two are direct sell only.

    Bear in mind though that the best deals are not always online, travel agents have deals just as good

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    Thanks for your reply - who would be the best travel agent to try?

    Have sent you a PM Katrb

    hi i recomend northan cyprus, i have been ther 8times in the last 8years and book with cyprus paradise,there is loads to do fot the kids, u can go travelling lots of places to see,historic buildings,town etc or u can go 2 the beech or pool.
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