Cheap home broadband without a 12 month contract?

    Morning HUKD,

    My friend needs broadband at her current shared house as the person who currently has broadband in their name is moving out.

    She doesn't know how long she'll be staying at the place so ideally she'd want something with a rolling contract or something no longer than 6 months. does this I believe but they have ridiculous bandwidth caps which could be exceeded easily as its a shared property.

    BT line installed. What can everyone recommend?



    Mobile broadband? Buy the dongle and get either PAYG or contract.

    can't she take over the payment for the existing contract?

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    Thanks for the replies - mobile broadband is outta the question due to it needing to be accessable by the others in the household (doable, but limited gb's/month).

    Taking over the other contract is outta the question too as it's something tied down to the current billpayers other utilities.

    By the looks of it Be's 3 month deal will indeed be the best if it comes to it. She'll go with o2 home bb (o2 mobile customer + cashback) if she can have the BT line transferred to her name and then after she moves out transfer the o2 bb to her parents address as they're out of contract with their current provider.

    Thanks for the advice!
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