cheap hotel in barcelona (Girona)???

    i have one of them cheap 1p ryanair flights to barcelona Girona on the 10th of feb.
    only staying one night but the hotels seem quite expensive. and i dont know if its worth the travel.
    if anyone knows of a good but cheap hotel in the area please let me know.
    thanks in advance


    did u get return tickets for 1p?
    i tried to book some and it said i had to give some information as rynair had to pass on to the spanish authorities before i go, what is that all about?

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    it was 2p return.
    dont worry about that for the moment. every traveller has to give certain information berfore entering spain doesnt matter what airline. you wouldnt need to give them that info when booking but you will before traveling.

    all that means is ,,i think its 5 days with ryanair you have to fill in your passport number online we did it in november as we flew with them and was going to girona too ... was brrrrr cold tho lol.

    I Love Barcelona, however the hotels are expensive.

    There is a bus from Girona that you can get which I believe departs shortly after the arrival of each Ryan Air flight which isn't extortionate.

    If you haven't been to Barcelona before then I strongly recommend you go into the city and try and get a good hotel deal.

    Always check Trip advisor before booking anything though.

    Sorry I couldn't point you to any particular hotel.

    We stayed at Hotel Gran Ducat Barcelona booked via…ls/

    Very nice 3 star hotel and close to the bus station, ramblers and metro tube station.

    buy a group of metro tickets from the ticket machine it works out cheap. we got 10 each and they lasted all day and we even gave some local kids are spare ones.

    I got the same flights last year. Got a good deal for the peninsular hotel(in Girona), was basic but clean and canny breakfast. It is about a 10 minute walk from the bus station and next to the shops and the river. I used who charge in euros but got fantastic deal! Would also advise you to take the ryanair bus, you can buy a return ticket from the window at the airport for next to nothing. You can get the timetables for these on the ryanair website you can also download a visitors guide for Girona which includes a map.

    Did I mention that we stayed in Girona not Barcelona?

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    thanks alot... gona see what i can find!!!
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