Cheap hotel or B+B near LongLeat Zoo

    as above!

    i think i'm swaying more towards a B+B as there a bit more cosy
    must have parking (free if ossible)

    but looking for 1 or 2 days

    does anyone know of any?


    depends how close you want. We were looking for half term and everywhere locally seemed on the expensive side so I looked at Swindon (just under an hour away) and found a Holiday Inn (not a holiday inn express) 2 nights B&B for 2 adults and 2 kids + dinner on first night for £99 in total.

    Was well chuffed and tesco vouchers for longleat tickets should make for a cracking 2 night break!

    Original Poster

    ah cheers! i'm thinking more closer, maybe even closer to Bath

    there is a Holiday Inn in Bath, then a straight 30min drive to Longleat
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