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    My girlfriend and I are doing a tour of California in a few months time, but are on a bit of shoestring budget.

    Can anyone recommend websites where I'll be able to find the best value hotels/motels for places like LA, San Fran, Vegas, San Diego, etc


    I did something similar and used [url][/url] a lot.

    They offer a wide variety of accommodation and almost invariably worked out between 25% and 50% cheaper than arriving at a place without a booking

    u could start a collection for u guys

    Comfort Inn is cheap, but you get what you pay for.
    I don't think there are any cheap places in LA (not that I saw, but I was on a paid working thing).
    The £ to $ has pretty much ended the really cheap deals now, I'm having to a book a hotel for 2 people to for 2 nights at Boston airport and it's coming in at £240 per person per night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am booking my hotels and motels at the moment for trip week today for SF, Santa Barbara, LA, SD and Yosemite National Park. The exchange rate is horrible at the moment so its not going to be a cheap 2 week break.


    I got Hilton in SF for 3 nights at $289 using priceline.

    Agree with comments for priceline. We got the HYATT fishermans wharf in san fran for $65 a night for 5 nights.

    We used fat wallet for deals on Vegas ]HERE, we ended up booking the MGM Grand Signature Suites for $89 a night

    Also booked Holiday Inn express walk of fame ($123 per night). Make sure you check Trip advisor reviews before booking.

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    thanks for the advice - i'm tempted by priceline, but not sure I've got the balls to book something without knowing what its going to be / be able to check it out on tripadvisor beforehand

    I believe you can compare the hotels offered on priceline by check the amenities listed on Hotwire and ascertain which hotels you are bidding on.

    My wife done it so I'm not overly sure.


    Not sure whether it's still the case, but you could bid blind on some priceline accommodation as a cheapest option. Even if you don't take this route, their prices for named accommodation were still much cheaper than not reserving in advance.

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