Cheap iPhone 8 plus?

Found 9th Feb
Hi guys
After a contract upgrade iPhone 8 plus

Any ideas where the cheapest one going is, and is it worth getting it off apple instead? Or doing the apple upgrade programme?
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I am on the Apple program.
But it’s not cheap .
I have 7 plus 128gb and had it 10 months now . At £43 for phone and Apple care .
I can keep it the 2 years and it’s mine or hand it back every 11 months for the newest phone . So in 1 month I can hand it back and get 8 plus for £45 or I phone X for £52 both with Apple care . So it’s expensive when I add my £18 a month sim only on it .
But the I phone X with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 20 GB data and insurance(Apple care) would cost about £70 a month if you wanted phone for free anyway, and option to get a new phone every 11 months is the deal breaker for me with Apple and I genuine Apple screen fitted for £20 if it breaks as well with Apple care .
How about not buying apple device. And uv saved str8 away lol
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