cheap ipod products

    i found this site that has ipods for sale for ridiculously low prices, what i want to know is, is it for real? admittedly most the stuff comes up as out of stock, but the site itself seems pretty legit.
    anyone heard of it? shopped from there? any info welcome
    here are some links;…xxx…xxx



    It's a website hosted via BT servers called :…ons

    Registration details as follows (public info) :

    Registration Service Provided By: BT Business Internet ServicesContact: … Registration Service Provided By: BT Business Internet ServicesContact: [email protected] name: mysmartgadget.comRegistrant Contact: 2485765 Paul Steele () Fax: Unknown Johnstone, Unknown PA5 8DD GBAdministrative Contact: mySmartGadget Ltd mySmartGadget Ltd ([email protected]) +44.1414047501 Fax: 1st floor, George House, 36 North Hanover Street, Glasgow, SCOTLAND G1 2ADCreation date: 16 Sep 2008 09:08:41

    They don't have contact details listed on their website & are linked to Amazon deals via their proper website

    I've removed item links on your main post as they can't be listed on HUKD.

    You can check website registration details yourself on one of the whois websites :thumbsup:

    forget it i think its a scam xboxes going for 40 quid No Way!

    There are dozens of these fake sites around advertising hot items such as consoles and MP3 players because they attract more younger, gullible buyers. Most people have the sense to realise that these items cannot be sold at these prices by a genuine company,,,, If it looks too good ...blah blah blah
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