Cheap items to buy so you get a £5 or £10 argos voucher FREE

    Free £5 voucher on £50 spend & free £10 voucher on £100 spend starts Wednesday 28th @ Argos.

    Some items will cost like £49.80, so you need a CHEAP item to get you over £50. Same if you want a £10 voucher you need an item to push your bill over £100.

    List cheap items here that can be used to help people get vouchers.

    Following items submitted by 'chalkysoil'
    Philips Genie Energy Saver Stick Bulb - 11 Watt BC.430/1114 .20p
    Buy 3 Esave Philips Genie 11 watt BC bulbs (430/1114) for 50p. To receive offer add item to trolley 3 times. Offer ends 18th May 2010.

    Small Folder Shopper.723/0079 £0.85
    Large Folder Shopper723/0055 £0.99
    Holts De-Icer Aerosol Can - 600ml. 740/3332 £1.19
    Holts De-Icer Aerosol Can - 300ml. 740/3442 £0.99
    Argos Value Range Pair of White Pillowcases.136/7230 £1.79


    Original Poster

    Free £5 voucher on £50 spend & free £10 voucher on £100 spend deal:…10-

    T-Mobile Pay as you go SIM. 549/0529 £1.00
    subject to store stock
    O2 SIM Only Pack. 549/0550 ...£1
    subject to store stock
    Orange pay as you go SIM pack. £1 549/0512 .
    subject to store stock
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