Cheap kids paint set - what type of paint is included

    The type of set that are all plastic brushes and tiny pots of paint.
    I want to get some acrylic paint but don't want to pay £3 a pot when it only the smallest amounts are needed.

    All I can think of it the play set style paints. Sure they will not be the best quality but good enough and should stay on plastics ?.

    Any other suggestions for a cheap source ?. Just the basic colours are needed as I can mix to get desired shades.
    black,red,green,yellow,blue etc


    unsure whats in kids paints but im sure ive bought acrylics from our £ shop in packs before now?

    I bought acrylic paint tubes a sent of 10 from poundland. They are small tubes, but you only need small amounts. You get the basic colours and then slight variations.

    Poundworld had sets of 10 Acrylic or 10 Oils all in tubes for £1 each yesterday.
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    Thanks all. Will have a look in my local pound shop in the next day or two.

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    No luck for me (unless its hidden from staff also). Got some poster paint and will see how that works.

    Thanks anyway X)

    blue peter tip: half poster paint, half pva glue if you are painting plastic
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