Cheap Kodi Box for around £50

    Am looking at this COOLEAD Q Ultra 4K®-Streaming/dp/B01IJL3WN8

    It's £57 but comes with a keyboard so probably worth about £50 by itself.
    Is there any other recommended Kodi box for around this price?
    I need it to be able to connect by a LAN cable so probably rules out the dongle types (fire stick?)
    4k is not a necessity but a nice to have.
    Needs to be powerful enough to stream HD / 1080p



    reviews are hit and miss from people who actually paid for it.
    if I was going to spend £50, I would want at least 3gb and 16gb and android 6.
    I'm sure somebody will give you some recommendations.

    Beelink x2, 4k streaming and only £20.

    there was one in the hot specials less than £30

    the trick is to ask then for one in return for a good review. they give them away for free
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