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Found 11th Feb 2009
I am looking to buyd cheap ladder to access my roof which is about 3 meters from the ground. Could anyone suggest a suitable ladder type and where I can get a good deal. Since I wont be using it very often (maybe a one-off job), I am looking for a cheap one and not a professional ladder costing a fortune...
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Hire a good one for a day or a weekend
DONT go out and buy something "cheap" as it's your LIFE that its going to hold as well as your weight.
Apart from which hiring one for a day would probably work out a lot cheaper.
Also make sure you hire the roof ladder at the same time - di it properly, dont risk your life for the sake of a few £'s
ask a neighbour in exchange for a bottle of wine?
DOM28D extends to 4.7m £52.00 with free delivery here extension-ladders.co.uk/alu…htm

Don't go for the smaller one as you need to allow for both the angle and overhang.
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