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Hi, is it possible to buy a laptop for under £250 ? My old laptop has finally gone to techie heaven 😡 I have been managing with my iPad and Android, but I hate typing letters on them, took slow! I would probably be surfing, letters, email and just basic stuff.
Any positive suggestions please?
PS would like to watch dvds also.
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Definitely possible. Biggest question for budget is 1st or 2nd hand, followed by approx size of screen for device.
here's a scorcher on the deal section right now for £208.69!…262

not many laptop has a dvd player these days as that is a bit old now. you can buy an external CD/DVD drive and plug it into the laptop if you want to watch DVDs, they are pretty cheap.
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A device with integrated DVD drive is likely to be cumbersome in the budget sector. Possible alternative would be ultrabook-type device plus £10 external USB DVD, and your stated use-case of "surfing, letters, email and just basic stuff" suggests a device under £120 should be more than adequate. Random example of £115 open box or similar with 12m warranty, possibly £100 if you accept 6m warranty alternative. Family members have some and more than happy, the example device even plays high-compression HEVC / x265 media if that floats your boat rather than old skool DVD.…810
Stock rotates frequently so just check this supplier's store for alternatives with some options for different processors / storage configurations.
Random examples external USB DVD:…156 or…BP/
Thank you for your advice so far
You can buy a sturdy Lenovo L520 off eBay for £80 only.
Any tried and tested ebayer's?
Lily01/03/2020 17:06

Any tried and tested ebayer's?

I bought this USED one for my aunt recently :…649

Comes with the charger and the Win7 COA underneath the battery. No issues at all.

Lenovo used laptops are usually ex-office laptops which have been discarded as employees have been given new shiny upgrades.
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