Posted 19th Jan 2023 (Posted 9 h, 19 m ago)

I am retired on a limited income, but need a fast reliable laptop, with decent memory and ram(Used- refurb etc), and have between £150 -200 to spend,
Any recommendations please?

Thanks in advance
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    Check out this guy - bought from him late last year - brilliant deal - he will accept reasonable offers…=15
  2. Avatar is your best bet for decent refurbs. Large, reputable company, actually do a decent job on refurbs, grading is accurate, customer service is excellent. 12 month warranty which will actually honored without question. Avoid CEX entirely if at all possible. The two year warranty isn't worth the paper it's printed on, they will find any excuse to refuse a return.
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    Very slightly over budget, but something like this perhaps? These Matebook's are generally quite well reviewed especially for the price.

    There's plenty about with half the RAM For less that you could then upgrade yourself to save money, but that would require you or someone you know to be comfortable with opening it up to do so.
    Thanks, but the only one available is in Bangor wales!
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    Thanks, some items have no description of OS included etc, or what condition they are in. But thanks for the heads up
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    A fast laptop with decent ram and under 200 don't usually go in the same sentence. Have a look on your local facebook marketplace, dell refurb or ebay.I had an old dell inspiron n5010 and once i put an ssd and 8gb ram in it`s nearly as fast my Lenovo Yoga. They go for about £100 or less. I would really advise you to up your budget to about 300-350 and wait for a deal though - at least it will be new and returnable.