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    I'm looking to buy a cheap laptop. not looking to pay more than £200.
    However it does not need to be very high specification at all, just needs to be able to access the internet, and be able to run windows xp and office 2000/2003. also a dvd or cd rom drive would be useful.

    Any help will be great

    thank you


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    Not likely to get much under £200. PCworld had one, and empiredirect sometimes have sub 200 quid ones in clearance.. worth waiting for vista as all celerons will crash then as they just dont cut it vista wise but will run xp home and office.

    hi i am trying to find a laptop for around 300 with a printer port can anyone help. i have no idea on laptops please can anyone help:thinking:

    pippy most laptops work with printers as very few have no usb connections these days.. almost any basic laptop will be fine for that.. there are a few deals about. just search laptops under deals.. 3 today alone! (~300, ~350 & ~450 quid for those three so maybe too expensive but the latter two are great value!)

    its got to have the 25 pin d connetor on it m8 most modern ones just have usb and not the 25 pin d


    I don't think you'll find anything new that is under 200 and capable of running windows xp. Try searching google for companies that sell refurbished laptop's (eg. or if you are willing to take the risk go to ebay.

    25 pin and under £200, wow hope you guys find one!

    25 pin now only available on higher specs only, most don't even have the expansion slot to add yourself either.

    £200 laptop to run XP is fine but with Vista being launched in a few days time, only the high prices one will do. IF you can wait 6 weeks, most dealers will be off loading laptops for next to nothing as they will all have XP on them and Vista preloaded sitting in thier stock rooms waiting to come out.

    £350 Acer on Comet website

    has it got a printer port 25 pin din ? i cannot find any pictures of it

    best to wait until stores as such like PC World,Dixons,Currys,Comets ect will cleanace the pcs and laptops due to new Vista. i still wanted a new laptop so best wait for their big prices drops ASAP!

    Dell has a 1300 model on a really good value special offer of only £350 delivered with 1gb of ram as well


    You can buy a USB to Centronics Cable: ]http//ww…007. That way you can connect your Parallel printer to a USB port on your new laptop and save the cost of a higher end laptop.

    thanks for your help but it has to be a pure 25 pin d on the back m8

    for 200 quid you'r not going to find anything retail TBH

    check out ebay, just make sure you avoid any pentium3-M series / pentium 3-m

    make sure they have a half decent battery with it

    make sure it has above 256Mb of RAM and a core speed of preferably above 1Ghz
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