Cheap laptop?

    Okay i am looking for a laptop and can spend NO MORE then £299

    I have found a laptop with this spec

    Intel Pentium 4 Processor 3.2GHz
    512MB RAM
    80GB Hard Drive
    Wireless Enabled


    I am looking to see if you can find me a better spec- you will get some rep if you do i dont really care about the processor, its just the ram i'd like more of, but if you can get me a better spec i would love you xD

    it can be a refurb.



    this is a very hot deal just now. 1GB ddr2 ram and 120GB hard drive only £292 new and delivered


    ] is a very hot deal just now. 1GB ddr2 ram and 120GB hard drive only £292 new and delivered

    Was just about to post that link, If you get the "Upgrade AMD® Athlon™ 64 X2 Mobile Technology TK53 add £35.25" its a bargain! :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    any idea how long this offers gonna be on for? cause i cant get the laptop for about 10 days.

    i think its until the 25th july.

    edit - yup End Date: 25/07/2007

    Original Poster

    may be able to order it on the 24th/25th thanks guys rep coming your way

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    says i gotts spread first but when i have i will give you it!

    looking at the dell vostro can anybody advise if i can attach a gps for navigation or a tv to it

    t0mm you will be so much better off with an X2 than the P4!!! The P4 (and equivalent Celerons) are simply terrible in a laptop due to the inefficient processor and consequential heat. The £35 X2 upgrade is certainly worth the money as well (the resale value of a dual-core laptop will be so...)
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