Cheap laptop for son to play football manager 2020

Posted 28th Nov
Need a cheap laptop for my son, he only wants it to play football manager 2020 and will probably get bored of it in 6 months so don't wanna spend that much, an advice would be much appreciated
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Even if he gets bored of FM 2020, he still going to use the laptop for other things. So you still want to cheap out on budget?, whatever that budget maybe.
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He’ll probably need a gaming laptop to run the game well although not a high spec one. Do you have a home pc/laptop? What we did (knowing kids get bored and stop using) we got kids a half decent £500 gaming laptop in a deal that’s also got everything we need to also make it the family computer so was easier to justify £500 on something kids wouldn’t use loads.
Yeah got a home pc already for work, I've seen some on ebay that are cheap with a 12 month warranty might just gamble on one of them.
Could he not gaming on existing desktop
Lenovo X220, get 8GB ram, 120GB SSD, and you're be sorted for 5 Years, at 150£-200£

This is good, I7…p-k
Thank you very much that looks ideal
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