Cheap Laptop Needed

    Right my laptops just broken after a year and a bit, it wasn't top of the range or anything so I'm hoping I can get a similar one for cheapy...

    I need it for Uni work, internet browsing and the odd game (obviously optional but I did buy the new Football Manager). WLAN is preferred as that's our internet setup but obviously I can find a way around it if I can't get this.

    Would a budget of £300ish nab a laptop good enough for the above? Any vouchers would be greatly appreciated too

    Cheers guys.


    try lidl i got one from there and its good or or com i cant remember if its or com lol they have lots of different laptops also ive used them myself for various parts and are very good customer service.


    Hmmm only a year id be taking it back to the shop where i got it!!

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    Let's just say it involved me being ill and the laptop in the wrong place lol, wasn't a hardware fault:thumbsup:

    are you looking for a brand new one mate?

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    Preferably.... mainly for the warranty

    I have used that site a couple of times for laptops with no problems at all. Also if you go through them use quidco to get 5-6% back.

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    I went for a refurb Advent from Dixons. It turned up.... it didn't work - infuriating! Back to square one, but I'm definitely ruling out refurbs now!
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