Cheap laptop needed please

    hello i put this up earlier but cannot find it anywhere but im looking for a laptop around £250 as mine has been stolen and im skint at the moment, so if any of could help me out it would be most appreciated, my replys might be a bit slow because i have to use my phone to access the net but thank you very much if you can help. Ben
    Oh and id rather it be new


    hi ,
    Morrisons (instore) were doing laptops for £229 a week ago. Told my neighbour who went & got one
    Last night Carphone ( weB) were doing £299 laptops for £229. Neither were heavy duty but good enough for the money.
    hope this helps

    Brand new system that's good.............…435

    I would use this for basic stuff.................and its free delivery and just in your budget.


    Think asda have some instock for £170, saw it on a thread a few days ago on here.
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