Posted 10th Dec 2022
I have a chromebook, and have had chromebooks for sometime.
But they lack the functionality when it comes to updates on other devices i.e My Kona electric gave me a message to say map updates are available to download, but can only be done via windows or mac.... only other option is making an appointment at the dealer for them to do it

Can anyone recommend a cheap solution just so i can get these updates done at home?
For the Hyundai it states min requirement is Windows 10/11 32/64 bit. or macOS x 10.10 -
Hard disk drive greater than 1GB

Many Thanks
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    any cheap laptop from gumtree would probably do this for you, if that is all you need it for.

    or get someone to bring their laptop round to use
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    Do you want to keep the laptop?
    If not, you can get one in CEX do the download and return in 2 weeks...…=20

    If you want a decent one to keep, let us know the budget.
    By the way, do you not have a friend live nearby that can lend you a laptop?
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    I think you mean "may be able to install Windows" as many you can't.
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    I'm not a 100% certain but I'm sure you must be able to download the software onto an SD card which you would just pop in your car usually. If this is case, and it won't download on your Chromebook, just nip into your local library and quickly download it there?
    I did think about a library, but you have to download the 'updater' to the computers hard drive, and from there download to a usb.…/01

    I didn't go as far as checking, but presumed downloading a program to the library computers hard drive would not be allowed.... i should really check that.
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    You can do it on your Chromebook if you just download the files from their FTP site and copy (including the hidden files) to the root of your USB drive.

    Alternatively drop me a DM with your address and I’ll get a USB drive with the update files in the post if you don’t mind waiting a week or two given the current strike delays. Let me know the exact model year and trim too so I know which version you’ll need. I assume it’s Gen5W unless it’s a very old Kona. But always worth checking to make sure you’re getting the right version.
    Wow... a lot of that went over my head lol

    I've been thinking about a laptop for sometime, the map update was the final straw and great excuse to convince the missus i need one.
    Appreciate your offer to send it in the post, but really want a laptop, even if it is for updates on various devices, etc.

    The kona nav is Gen5w, i have a 71 plate ultimate.

    I've seen a screen shot of some of the new graphics from the update, looks a lot more comprehensive then just updating map data.

    Thanks again for your offer.
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    Have you considered a 2nd hand/refurbished small form factor desktop PC instead? You can pick them up really cheap on ebay and just use your existing TV as a screen for it. I got one for £75 for a child's 1st PC and actualy it performs really well as a day to day browsing machine and even runs less demanding games pretty well.
    I did, but would prefer the size of a laptop that i can just store in a drawer, thanks though
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    I was in a similar situation and picked up a cheap asus from JL earlier this year regularly available for £250ish and often come with 365 sub and a 2 or 3 year warranty
    Yeah think it will be a cheap basic new or preowned route - the new one that @KodaBear linked i'll probably go for if i can't find anything preowned, taking in to account the warranty that comes with new.
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    the real trick it would seem is to install WINE on your chromebook.
    WINE is normally for Linux, but thats no problem because Chromebboks can run Linux.
    Once you get WINE installed and running you then simply use it to get your map updates as if you were using windows. This is a good guide…ine
    Thank you, not only sounds complicated to me, but don't want to risk performance or anything from my chromebook, would prefer a seperate unit.
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    The laptop and usb drive arrived yesterday, and after spending time updating the laptop i downloaded files from the updater to the usb.
    It's currently in the car updating....
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    Would you like to me to try and upload it somewhere and send you a link?
    I think the file is all the same for 2020~
    very kind, but i have it updating.
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    Thanks, don't have access to a laptop sadly.
    My chromebook is overkill with an i7 processor and 16gb ram. Got it for £247 in amazon sale.

    I don't mind spending around £100 for 2nd hand, budget for new around £300

    Would like one to keep, doubt for the budget I would get better than my chromebook, if so happy to sell chromebook and switch to laptop. (edited)
    Anonymous User
    How very dare you. A chromebook IS a laptop. Just not one running an inferior OS. (Ducks head and runs away)
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    I updated my Kona electric yesterday.
    It's a big download.
    It's a good update.
    Can use full screen now and the graphics are nicer. (edited)
    You must have been a few updates behind. Most cars got it in November last year. The remainder got it in May this year. If the graphics have changed you must have been WAY out of date.

    There’s 2 major updates every year. May and November. Check out at the end of every May and November to ensure both your maps and infotainment are kept up to date and running at their best.
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