Cheap Laptop wanted

    Any one got a decent cheap Laptop good enough for use on internet, possibly with wireless connection as i allready have a wireless/wired network installed and also with a CD ROM Drive not floppy drive. Not worried about and software on the machine.


    Would you call £120 plus delivery cheap. I have a Packard Bell Easy One Silver with DVD rom. I have fitted it with a pcmcia wireless network. It is 1.2ghz, has 256mb and 20gb hard drive. Selling as I just got a new laptop for Christmas. Karen

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    No not really, but thanks again

    No problem, think your best bet is ebay as suggested in your other thread. Karen

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    No not really, but thanks again

    Define Cheap!

    A £2000 XPS for £500 is Cheap!!

    maybe if you tell us your budget then someone can offer!
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