Cheap largish monitors


    Looking for a 22/23/24" monitor to use with my laptop.

    1. I prefer a larger screen obviously, but how does say 21" monitor compare to 24"? Does it make a huge difference?

    2. Would I be able to use this monitor to watch TV or should I stick to monitor use as, well, monitor use only?

    3. I was looking for cheapy version (under £100) but it seems I must cough bit more. My budget would be around £115/120 although I would prefer to pay far to little.

    4. I watch movies on my computer so obviously like some that allows me to do such well.



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    The difference between 21" and 24" is quite a lot on average as the Screen Rez jumps up on a 24" screen so you can see more on the screen at any point, they do have higher Rez screens on a 22" but thats the the normal, so look for a screen that is at least 1080P.... not seen the spec properlly but Lidl has a multitouch screen 22" (I think that) like the Iphone for about £120 also make sur eyour screen has HDCP if you watch a lot of films its a must and yes you can use them as a TV with the extras stuff, like a tuner that plugs in vie HDMI or a TV card on your PC
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