cheap lcd TV with freeview wanted

    I want a second TV for my bedroom. Ideally with freeview and larger than 20 inches, doesn't need to be high definition but would expect to pay a lot less than 300 pounds.


    [SIZE=2]bluntslide :- Have you found anything in the screen size / price range you are after ?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]You can get 26" LCD TVs for less than £300 delivered not sure if you can have built-in Freeview for that price [/SIZE]

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    well, heres my problem......
    the wife wants a tv in another room and at first i thought, hold on a minute, i could treat myself to a new 22" monitor and we could convert the old 19" into a tv. the converters are about £50-70. so its either spend £250 just to upgrade my monitor by a couple of inches or spend a bit more to get a proper tv. there have been some great deals on hidef tv's that are 26/27" but none with freeview. i could try and use an old sky/ntl box instead though.......
    any thoughts because at the minute im thinking treat myself, yeah.... me me me!

    Bush 23" + Freeview, £249 from ]Currys

    Good find hessian
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