Cheap Lightbox plz?


    im looking for a very cheap lightbox, i only need it for tracing. Seen some on ebay but they cost a bomb!

    what have i been using all this time? The cold cold window with no sunshine!:cry:


    yeah, they're surprisingly expensive. i think jessops used to sell them, maybe maplins but not sure about them. you can can smaller lightweight ones from art/craft stores. london graphics sell them, very expensive though. you can find instructions to make your own on the internet. ikea even sold a desk type thing with a glass portion you could shine a light from under. i fancied one a while back and gave up.


    do you have a Hobbycraft near you? sometimes they have these on
    special offers.

    [url][/url] - light box £7.99. anygood?:)

    Original Poster


    [url][/url] - light box £7.99. anygood?:)

    Wow, that is cheap, thanx for that No need for my hubby to make it!
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