cheap limo hire

    its my sisters 18th and i wanted to hire a limo for her...was wonderin if neone knew of ne places that offered a good deal on limo or hummer.


    :roll:depends on where you live???

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    London from wembley to central

    id be carefull about cheap limo hire im not saying all cheap limo companys will try it on with you just last year my mate had a stag do in our local town the limo turned up late and when we were done we went to the aranged pickup point the limo company were told but they never turned up. the next day they were on the phone thretaning my mate with assult charges cause they failed to keep there part of the contract. as we diddnt see the limo we diddnt pay them the rest of the money and it was agreed with the limo company before the stag night thats how we were gonna pay them.
    just be carefull.

    I used these last time

    Pretty good price although I did get them down a bit.
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