Hi peeps ,
this is my first post here but i think it is a fantastic site.
We are going to London for the sales on 2nd Jan and want to stay for 3 nights
we normally drive down and stay on the outskirts and get the tube in to the cebntre as and when we need it .
This time we are taking the train (£29 return to Liverpool for a family of 4) which as you can see is well cheaper than driving.
Ideally with having 2 kids we would like a hotel close to Euston thats quite decent

Bset i can get so far is Kingscross/bloomsbury holiday inn for £69 per night including brekfast which sounds great but most of the reviews for this hotel are quite poor and with having a four year old i am hesitant about booking
Can anyone suggest any others around that area that would be suitable for a family





Thats about the cheapest you will get around then.
The hotel you mention is one of the best in the area in that price bracket.
I live and work in the area and there are some right dodgy dives about.

If you go up in price a little try the Marriott london hotel regents park, cost around £300ish but welll worth it.

Original Poster

Thanks for the reply John,

On paper it' sounds a good hotel but a lot of the reviews are stating its a "tired hotel" all the rooms reek of smoke etc

whats the area like of a night for instance if we have been out all day with the kids would we be safe walking through the area i have heard tales about the kings cross area being rough :oops:

we basically plan on taking the kids to hamleys , the musems . maybe one of the markets (i think camden is the nearest ?) wife loves a bargain and is hoping to get fake handbags etc from the market

any advice would be most welcome


Its safe enough, they have cleaned the area up in the last couple of years.you will be safe.
Try a visit to winter wonderland in hyde park, its on till 6 Jan. ice rink, fun fair, market,food,beer, and its right near harrods.
also camden market is the best place for fake gear,
places like london Dunegeons (london bridge )& riplys believe it or not (piccadilly circus) are doing buy 1 get 1 free vouchers.

]The Hoxton will average about £80/night for those dates. It is great.
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