Cheap memory card

Found 18th Oct 2006
for the digital camera ive bought, any size, aslong as it holds about 28 im happy.

as cheap as please
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it would be better if you tell us what type you want
]http//ww…om/ are normally the cheapest I've found
Joshanna needs:

SD memory card compatible up to 512MB capacity.

you need to tell us which camera you bought
]http://images.play.com/covers/181215m.jpg - £8.99 inc del @ play.com
512mb is the biggest that will fit in your camera. Is that what you want? You'll pay less for smaller ones... but not much less than the one I've pointed out above.
How many pics will that hold?
Ill have a link to a cheaper one, but ill probably buy the 8.99 one, great price emma, as always youve come up trumps
Just looked at that, seems alot of hassle for 15p LOL!
Yeah, I'd go with that one from play - unless someone can see a better price? The 256mb from play is £7.99, so worth the extra quid for the 512mb.

But about the SVP discount - it's good to set it up, so that it's activated on your account from now on. It only takes 1 email, which takes a few seconds.

Yeah emma i really appreicate you finding that card for me as long as its the right one for it LOL!

Cheapest i found that size was £30 so was starting to regret buying it LOL!
Going by the description on the argos site for your camera, then this is the right one
Thanks again, bargain card you found me thanks for taking the time to look
Pleased to help :prop:
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