cheap midi usb keyboard

    Hi folks, was needing some advice on what to buy.
    I've no music experience and wanted to mess about in garageband.
    I want to get a midi keyboard but don't want to spend alot of money.

    Any advice on a product would be great



    Hi Jamie

    Don't really know what level you're playing at. If you're just young (i.e. £69.99, from here:…117

    or from £89.99, from here:…121

    Don't think it has touch sensitivity, which if you're serious, is probably a must. You can get this for £119.95, from here:…122

    If you want to be really fancy, you could get yourself a cheap stage piano, and connect it to your computer, with suitable software. Some even include a sound synthesiser in 'em. You can get a cheap one here (£469!):…399 could consider taking up guitar, since guitarists ALWAYS get more women than keyboard. It's just a rule. You can get the whole thing for less than £50 delivered here:…912

    Hope it's helpful

    Original Poster

    I already have a bass guitar mate. But i'm no use.

    I was just wanting to get into loops and tracks using garageband on the mac.
    Guy in the work has offered me a Yamaha pss-680 i've taken it for a go. But it's far to big.
    I've been eyeing up some of these.…523…472

    but just can't justify spending this as i may ditch it early like i did with the bass.


    Okay, I didn't know that you were happy with just a little midi controller. seem to have found all the best deals for that kind of thing anyway. I can't see anything online that's a great deal cheaper or better for the same price than what you have chosen.

    You *could* go the ebay option. There're some buy-it-nows that are about a tenner cheaper than your links, but they're not as good a brand.

    I was looking at the second hand ebay stuff and to be honest it doesn't look any cheaper, which is technically good news for you, since if you get bored of it then can always resell it and not lose too much cash.

    I'm hearing you about the guitar. I've got a perfectly good squier strat sitting gathering dust in my wardrobe...sigh...the dreams of groupies moving further into the distance with every passing day!
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