Cheap Mobile Data in Turkey?

Posted 12th Apr
We've got a holiday booked later this year in Turkey. What options are available to our our unlimited data plans abroad?

Wife has unlimited data on EE and I have unlimited data on Three

Thanks in advance
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The unlimited data allowance 3 plan has no relevance in Turkey. 3's standard Turkey roaming charge is £3 per MB, repeat: £3 per MB.
Amazon marketplace will shift you a SIM with a Turkey-friendly 1GB @ £7 with various options to 10GB at £25…ZZ/
vodafone payg (free to roam) could be an option
Quite sure you can rent a 4g data hotspot in turkey. I know they do it in marmaris
We had to use pay phones from local phone shops and got free wifi at hotel.
Rates were cheap. The mobile shops offered £20 for 1 week on voda.
I'd get a UK Vodafone PAYG SIM with a £10 top up. Be fine for a few days

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Just use WiFi and disable your data
Thanks people. Vodafone payg will be fine
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