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Found 4th Feb 2009
Does anyone where to get the cheapest MOT in Liverpool? I've got quite an old car and I'm not sure if it's going to go through an MOT (and if not, if it will be repairable at a reasonable cost), so I don't want to spend too much putting it through an MOT if it's going to be a waste of time. If anyone could help, thanks in advance. I think the average price is about £30-40.
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Check on the moneysaving expert website - I think somewhere it tells you to use the council depots - because they don't do the repairs, they supposedly give an "unbiased" MOT
My experience is do not use the cheapest MOT station many years ago I Did the result car failed on items that i new had been the same on previous mot's. Secondly the one i use charges £40 probably the average now, and on more than one occasion he has adjusted the headlamp alignment free of charge; a minute job as long as the adjuster screws haven't rusted up and you have the correct equipment, in the past I have been charged for this. I guess the guy was right in saying nothing is Free!
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