Cheap motherboard and processor bundle

    Can anyone help me find a motherboard and processor bundle for about £100 or less.

    Thanks in advance.


    You may need to be a bit more specific. If this is to repair a current machine or something, then you will need to specify what components you already have, for example we don't know if you want a motherboard that supports SD, DDR or DDRII memory? Do you want onboard graphics, or do you have a graphics card already, if so is the card AGP, PCI or PCI Express? And so on. are probably your cheapest bet for a new motherboard and processor. CPUs can be had for as little as £20 and motherboards for as little as £25, depending on what you want. Free delivery on orders over £50 too.

    Original Poster

    this is to replace my current board which is giving up the ghost - would prefer it to have an agp slot and be able to take ddr ram - i have a 2600 athlon but if i can get a higher processor than that - all the better

    probably time to move to intel,this motherboard supports ddr and ddr2 also has an agp and a pci-express slot,so plenty of options.£37.97…b/0

    as for processor to keep bundle under £100…248

    £92.35 for the pair delivered.
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