Cheap Mountain Bike

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know anywhere that is selling mountain bikes at reasonable prices. I don't want anything to fancy, just want to spend £50-£100.

    Looking for both mens and womens as the Mrs wants one to.

    Thanks alot for any help offered.



    i read here about a week ago that tesco in store was doing some for half price at £35 thats if they still have them in stock.

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    Yeah saw that but their showing out of stock online and i haven't got a store close to me otherwise i might have been interested in one of them. Thanks for the help though.

    have mine for 350 lol

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    Thanks sigma & blind for the links they look pretty good. Im gonna go check my local big w store tonight and see if they stock any of these bikes. Shame the tesco one is out of stock as well because that looks a nice bike.



    If your only spending a little on a bike I would avoid going for one without suspension as the cheap bikes that use suspension are rubbish and avoid shops like toys r us as I purchase a bike for £100 from them and their so called "bike mechanics" over inflated the tyre and caused an egg in the tyre and tried to blame it on me and their customer service does not exist.

    When I purchase a new bike I will either spend upwards of £150 or buy a very good second hand bike

    halfords have a sale on just now


    not only will you get a bike each within your budget, but also you can have them built up for you ready to cycle!!
    beats getting it in a box!!!

    one tip, i would avoid the shockwave models and stick with the apollos

    Yea as above, when buying a cheap bike steer away from the suspension ones.
    You will thank us if you have to go up a hill.

    My bike cost several hundred, and its not even full suspension as the only decent full suspension bikes cost a grand easy.

    The cheap bikes with full suspension are often steel or alloy and made bulkier due to the suspension this makes them heavy as hell.
    Front suspension aint bad, just make sure its kept clean or the suspension can seize up. Easy solution spraying it down into the suspension with Duck Oil or WD40, Duck Oils better though. Whenever you go out in the wet.

    um, i have seen many a set of forks ruined by adding wd40!! i recommend spray grease instead.

    yh my specialized rockhopper is front suspension like above a decent full suspension costs over 1k

    I use tesco maintenance oil on mine which only costs £1.47, but removes moisture and protects, can be used on cars, bikes and chains.


    Hi, I have a DAWES mountain bike cost me £660 a few years back
    in very good condition needs some attantion (a clean) as been in the shed
    only want £50 for it if interested I am in norfolk


    um, i have seen many a set of forks ruined by adding wd40!! i recommend … um, i have seen many a set of forks ruined by adding wd40!! i recommend spray grease instead.

    Cheap bikes it dont really matter what you use, since they dont really work that well anyway lol.
    Its just something to keep the water out and stop them seizing
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