cheap Mountain bike wanted

    A cheap Mountain bike wanted. My sisters boyfriend has had his 2nd bike pinched and wants an old one that is reliable and cheap as poss. He lives in New Brighton near Liverpool.. so prefer someone local.

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    from haldords

    Ebay, My son got a £250 bike for £75 last week , it had only been used once! and only had to got 5 mile from my house to pick it up.

    Has he tried claiming on the house insurance?
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    Insure it this time.…ide

    you can filter for Liverpool or another area and you can filter out expensive prices


    btw best invest in a good d lock and additional cable - on Ebay HEAVY DUTY BIKE BICYCLE MOTOR CYCLE D U LOCK + CABLE or Tescos for D Lock £7 (I think) and Halfords for cable £7.99

    You will find it difficult to stop the determined thief but having the cable gives added security

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    Thanks guys... Unfortunately they don't have insurance.. my dad's offered to lend them £250 for a bike but they have to pay it back.. and he will help them again if they need it. Halfords had some good bikes so I forwarded them the link. Hopefully they will see the importance of a good bike, insurance and a good lock.
    Thanks again everyone.
    Goodnight all..
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