cheap mouse needed

    as long as it's ball-less :oops:


    Waitwaitwait. Are we on about a REAL mouse. or a laser/optical mouse?

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    i think someone would have reported me to the RSPCA if I asked for a mouse with no balls :oops:

    I meant a pc mouseeeee :thumbsup:

    Haha, budget?

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    as cheap as possible please

    I am looking for one too - wireless that works with vista please- best price possible -on a tight budget .

    Thanks -will consider the Trust one as it says it works with Vista.

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    optical mouse £2.99 from

    thanks that will do! :thumbsup:

    the sensor is only 430dpi and its only a PS/2 Connection though.

    You might be better off going for one of the others for £5, They will probably be more comfortable to!

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    thanks Iom I cancelled my original order and bought the one you advised instead, it looks even better!

    Anyway please dont post anymore or I ll keep cancelling my orders...:oops:
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