Cheap Mp3 Player!!!

Found 15th Dec 2005
Hi guys,

I would be very grateful if sum1 could point me in the direction of a cheap MP3 player for around £30 for a stocking filler. If possible a built in radio would be great. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks so much
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PCWorld is selling Matsunichi (whatever that means) 512Mb player for a mere 29.99

Collection from store only, undortunately, so check whether your local PCWorld have it.
Thanks mate but unfortunately I can't get it anywhere near me. Any other suggestions?
Yet another Matsunichi, this time 256M. 19.99 from PCWorld including delivery.
Or try Comet, they sell Proline RC19 and Proline RMB904 players with 512MB for 29.99
Give a call to your local Comet to avoid delivery charge.
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