cheap mp3 player needed

looking for a mp3 player for my boy for xmas, round £25 mark, will be hard to find one of dcent quality, but suggestions plz:thumbsup:



Not the biggest memory but they are so easy to use and the sound quality is great for the price. Also music transfer is just drag and drop from windows media player. My girls of 5& 6 aren't really techno friendly - can't work the dvd remote but they can work this with their eyes shut.

They used to sell them in argos but I think creative zen has replaced it.

Creative have refurbished Zens starting from £24.99 for the 1GB

Link here ]click

Decent quality for cheap price:thumbsup:

£25 really limits your choices, I see 3 main options:

a Zen stone, which is at least a named brand, but won't have a screen.

A cheap chinese "no make" one, which will get you a screen, but the build quality is questionable, each of the major online retailers will have one or two brands of these, with varying designs.

A refurbished player, much like muckypup has suggested.

If its for a christmas present, I'd personally avoid refurb units (may have minor cosmetic flaws) and plump for one of the other two options: if your son is likely to be happy with a perhaps slightly fiddly menu and will appreciate having the screen or perhaps being able to watch videos, then the no-makes will prevail, if you'd rather have something solid and unexciting then the zen stone hasnt much competition

my boy also wanted an mp3 for xmas, i looked around and found this iPocket 5500 1gb mp3/mp4 player.

Features are:
* Extra-slim design and multiple colours
* Video and Photo function
* CSTN Screen 1.5’’ for bright movies & pictures
* Digital voice recording
* Lyrics display (karaoke)


* Chipset :Actions ATJ2085 / Sigmatel
* Display : CSTN Screen 1.5’’ : 128x32 Pixels
* Memory : 1gb
* Music format: MP3/WMA/WAV
* Recording formats :WAV(32kbps), ACT(8kbps)
* Supportable software system :Windows 98/SE/2000/XP, Linux 2.4.2 or above, Mac OS 10.0 or above
* Firmware :Internet update
* Accessories : CD, User manual, Earphone, USB Cable, Adapter
* Battery life :Life up to 8h
* Repeat function :A-B, repeat one, repeat all
* Digital voice recording and playback : yes
* Preset equalizer : Normal/Rock/Pop/Jazz/Classic/DBB/Soft

Priced at £15.98inc VAT great bargain
]http//ww…772 - link

Spheric has made some good points....I forgot about the Zen stone,that would be a cracking buy:thumbsup:

Another suggestion.....

]Sony 1gb mp3 £29.99 @ Amazon

A bit over budget but the sound quality will be fabulous....I have a sony and it's excellent!

Look on [url]www.halfcost.co.uk[/url] but i warn you they are slow to deliver
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