Cheap MS Office keys

Posted 4th Aug 2020

I've seen within a laptop deal thread a link to…10/ and their £20 MS office keys.

I've also seen keys on eBay some as little as £8 (Office Pro Plus)

now my question is, how reputable are Softmall and their £20 keys. are they likely to be disabled later? are they more genuine/guaranteed than the £8 eBay keys for pro plus.

I've read Pro Plus keys are MSDN keys and have a risk of deactivation as they can only be activated 10 times. if the seller has sold the key to 9-10 people and some have reinstalled to another computer it could deactivate somewhere else. so I've read anyway.

does anyone here have any experience with Softmall, can shed light on reliability of the keys or any other suggestions to get Office (cheap)

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