Found 30th Jun 2010
Hi all,

I know there are quite a few netbook deals on here, however, in some way I do not wanna
spend more than £150 on such a device. For me it is enough to check emails and browse the web, no need for webcamara and stuff like that. Can anyone suggest a good model for which I could look on ebay. Alternatively, I would also be willing to buy refurbished ones.
I was thinking of the Samsung NC10, it is "old" but still regarded quite good. Any other good suggestions?

Many thanks!

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I have a 7 month old Acer Aspire One, 160gb HD, 1gb Ram, webcam, LED screen so is good on battery, normally get 4-6 hours of use dependent on usage, fully boxed and in excellent condition, oh and running windows 7, looking for £200ono including delivery.

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Cheers for your offer, but I think I will go with this one:

Samsung NC10 - black

Atom N270 1.6GHz
XP Home

Price is £180 on ebay for a new one. Looks good to me or has anyone a better suggestion in the same price range? Thanks


Item number: 350370757611

They seem to be selling quite fast.

Has a better processor too.

PassMark* scores:

I would do mine for same price, I paid £270 new in November.

The Samsung is running XP and old type of screen.

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which model would you do for what price?

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BTW: What is wrong with the NC10 screen, is the resolution to crappy?


BTW: What is wrong with the NC10 screen, is the resolution to crappy?

Ive had an NC10 since the launch and still love it, seems a lot better to me that netbooks that friends have......

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Sounds good, I think for the amount of money I wanna spend it is the best deal. Jase.2, how happy are you with the display? I probably wanna use it to watch bbc iplayer or youtube and people where complaining that the screen made problem, for instance when trying to watch with a resolution of 720p
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