Cheap New laptop wanted for daughter under £200 ...... is it poss? (not on linxus)

Found 30th Oct 2008
Hoping u fab guys can help me, my daughter really wants a laptop for xmas, but with 2 others to buy for im pulling my hair out - explained to her thats all she will get !
She has a £200 budget to include delv but would poss like to get one for less !
Am i living in cuckoo land here ??

N e help would be so greatfully recieved !

I do not want t sign up to another net provider to get the so called free laptops nor a new mobile contract as i have contracts im locked into and lets face it they aint free wen u consider how much they charge a month .

Ive seen those tiny laptops under £200 but they have linxus and i dont want that, plus i want her to be able to play the games she has on it, cds, dvds etc !
Needs to be wifi and have 512 mb at least on it and have the minimum of windows xp on it . (pref with works for her school work etc)

Thanks again guys !
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i think for that price you will be looking at a reconditioned laptop from dixons
and will prob still cost £220
cheers, shall have a peek xx
toys r u selling them for £179 ;-)
You won't get a large laptop new for £200, at that price you'll have to look secondhand.
hi i have two but they are not wi fi both have xp and both are working (one has delete key missing but still works the other is complete but battery wont hold charge want £150. for both if thats any good to you
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