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Found 27th Oct 2006
Hi, i've been searching around for a while looking for cheap nintendo ds games [like £12 or less]

So far, I've not been able to find much myself and was wondering if anyone else knew of any good games/good deals etc.

Thanks alot for your help :-D

ps. i'm thinking of buying bomberman and mario kart eventually.
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thanks alot, sounds a good deal.

Plus i have a £5 amazon voucher.
if you look at some of the used ds games you can get lots for about £12
Glad to help out. as i said amazon has some good deals...just look about
thanks for your help (and ive given you both rep) but theyre not really my kind of games.
Virgin have some of the better games on buy one get one free instore at the moment.

£30 for two of the best games isn't bad.
im alos looking for mario kart cant seem to find it cheap anywher and its about 1 year old, quite strange.
Have a gander round your Tesco store - they have a overcharge policy whereby if you're charged more than the product is advertised at, you get a full refund and keep the product.
So you get the product for FREE.
DS, GBA, and PSP price stickered games are renowned at being scanned at a higher price, and you can always check this on the price check scanners before going to the checkout.
You will have to pay the full price at checkout, but claim it back at the Customer Service Desk.
The only tricky thing is hoping the cashier doesn't notice the price difference, and changes it to the correct price there and then.
I usually find a pleasant conversation as the items are being scanned serves as a good diversion - otherwise use a self-scan checkout.

Virgin have some of the better games on buy one get one free instore at … Virgin have some of the better games on buy one get one free instore at the moment.£30 for two of the best games isn't bad.

That sounds like the best deal, do you know any of the games featured?

I like the Tesco deal, but that sounds a bit tricky and hit and miss for me :-D but thanks for your posts, i'll give you all rep.
The ones I can remember in Virgin are Zoo tycoon and Sims 2, there were a few others but I can't remember them sorry!

Just had a look on their website, and the offer isn't online, must be instore only, but they have these titles cheap:

]Narnia £13.99

Dragonball z supersonnic warriors 2 £8.99

and others
thanks for that.

Hopefully, I will be able to go to Virgin today..
any that is called mario kart?????
the games they had were zoo tycoon ds, the sims 2, prince of persia, worms and a couple of other games.

Mario Kart was full price at 29.99
im looking for nintendogs, labrador as cheap as possible, anyone know where??


[url]www.movietyme.com[/url] is quite cheap
is that website reliable and how fast do the goods arrive
Hi All

Just got the daughter a Pink ds lite from toys r us with accessory kit and 3 games(disney pack).

Now looking for cheap games! Any ideas? :thumbsup:
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