Posted 26th Nov 2022
I have two tvs I quite like. The OLED48A26LA and QE50QN90B.

my current tv is 12 years old so any tv is an upgrade but i like my specs and these seem to be good?

idk what would be best. TV is used for sky chanels and Youtube mainly. So like watching football, fairly static talk shows and other shows. So think the 60htz issue isnt a problem. Main worries are screen burn and eye fatigue (which are apparently high with oled, but idk why).

the samsung is £800(inc trade in) plus 20% Tcb(samsung direct) and ~£150 speaker
Total = ~£500

the LG is £600 plus 20% tcb(ordered yesterday at currys)
Total = £500

price wise both are similar, Oled is raved about on this website but its usually the higher end models. OLED looked better instore but leaning towards the samsung because i dont need to worry about screen burn or eye fatgue.

samsung live chat said something about oleds constantly shifting the pixels to prevent screen burn which can cause headaches (i didnt mention brand name i was looking at)

Any ideas and thoughts are appreciated
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    Hiya, which way did you go in the end? I'm in a similar position. I have a 46 inch Samsung LED UE46D7000 - only full hd (!) but it was 5 stars in What Hi-Fi back in 2011 when I was young and free to spend £1.5k on a telly. Now I'm older with 2 kids and can't justify that kind of expense any more! So I have a small-ish living room, so max size I can go to is 50inch and I'm debating a QN90A or QN94A from Samsung or an LG OLED 18inch C2. Samsung is much cheaper, but risk of dirty screen effect worries me as that is why my old Samsung is on it's way out. OLED feels like a nice upgrade, but I bet both Neo QLED and OLED would be huge upgrades for me. The quality snob in me is refusing to look at Hisense or regular QLED TVs.

    Anyhow, I'm keenly awaiting more sales following CES this week. My bro-in-law got £200 cashback on his 55 inch QN85A taking it down to 650 quid last year. I want something at that price and unwilling to pay anymore, especially since I'm getting a smaller telly. (edited)
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