Cheap pay as you go mobile phone!

    I am looking to buy a mobile phone for an older family member. I don't want anything to snazzy, just with largish buttons, colour screen and maybe FM radio and something which is user friendly.

    Does anyone know of any good deals.
    Does anyone know if there is a difference in tariffs between the networks?

    This phone won't probably be used that much maybe just played around with mostly.

    Thanks for any help. I need to get this phone this week, so pretty urgent!:thinking:


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    thanks, will start sifting through!

    Hi Catrina

    Does your family member require pay as you go or monthly payment? If so, how much do they want to spend? Will they be a heavy user? If so, will it be talk time or minutes?

    If you let me know then I can help you better. I'm actually in the process of looking for a new provider, so I've recently done my homework on this one.


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    [SIZE=2]My dad will be on pay as you go and will be a very light user. I don't really want to spend more than about £30 for the phone! Thanks for your interest thekanester[/SIZE]

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    can anyone tell me which is the cheapest network to go on for a very light user??

    More questions for you Catrina

    Who are the people that he'll most likely be phoning? And which network are they on?

    Virgin, for example, are cheaper for texting between their own phones, whilst O2 (I think - I'll check for you) allow you to add 3 of your favourite numbers, for which you pay half price for those calls.

    So the usage pattern will pretty much govern how cheap he can get his deal. Let me know, and I'll take a look.


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    We are all on Orange, I have only ever had a contract phone, so I am completely in the dark with this one , so thanks for any help you can give me.

    Hi Catrina

    Given that you're all on Orange, it makes sense for him to do likewise. So you could get this:…_go

    A basic phone, which costs £19.99 + £10 top-up required straight away, bringing the total to a penny under £30.

    Or, you could go for this:…s=b

    It's £9.99, but you have to buy £10 airtime with it, making it up to £19.99. BUT, if you're registered for quidco, you get £10 cashback, which makes it £9.99 with your £10 airtime voucher.

    You would need to check that the sim offers the correct package you want. And it might not. But if not, then you can always get a new sim from the orange shop for £1, or just phone Orange and change tariff.

    Hope it helps.

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    Thanks for all the info, I have decided that I quite like the nokia 6070 and I have found it for £35, but I need it for the weekend, not sure if littlewoods clearance can get it to me in time!

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    Hi! I have just placed my order for a nokia 6080, it has cost £35 including £10 air
    time, including £5 quidco for carphonewarehouse, so thank you everyone that posted to help me make that decision.
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