Cheap pay monthly deals?


    Im looking for any phone to be honest dont care if its gash or whatever just looking for a cheap deal.

    Just want to pay between £5-15 a month for something like 200 minutes and 100+ texts or something like that if someone could point me in the right way to some good deals going at the moment would be most grateful.

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    Make your way over to [url][/url] they have some great rental deals especially on clearance phones (phones which are either returned by a customer as they wanted a different on but the box has been opened so they cant advertise it as new or phones that may have been released for a while) in either cases you generally find really cheap rental rates from only 99p a month! and give you plenty of minutes.

    What you will though is that the 99p monthly rental is calculated by actually charging you the standard rental rate of between £15 to whatever and then claiming the money back several months down the line. I've done this a couple of times and I've never had any problems, infact my last contract I got was 1000 anytime off peak minutes, 100 texts and 100k of internet a month and it all worked out at only £45 for the YEAR! but I had to go through a lot of browsing on the web pages to find that kind of deal.

    Or there is 3's deals, I particularly like the Skypephone, its actually a slimline sexy black phone of good quality, you get (I think) 300 anytime minutes a month plus 300 3-to-3 minutes and unlimited skype-to-skype calls for free for £15 a month which I thought was pretty good.

    In any event. My advice is to thoroughly read the offers on several of the major websites. A few hours browsing can save you a packet in the end and get you a cracking deal. Hope this helps. Cheers.
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